Practices Apps

I've made several Apps for iPhone and iPad which focus on using technology in a mindful, productive way, rather than the usual distraction-heavy experience.

Productivity and Goals

Habit Starter

Five a Day

Habit Streak


Health and Fitness



Data Driven Diet





A simple high intensity workout timer

You want to vary the intensity of your workout? This timer allows you to set up a series of high intensity bursts, along with lower intensity periods in between.

Just choose a number of intervals, interval duration and total time and start the timer. It will track and display what zone you are in and when to change.

On compatible iPhones you can use a force press to quickly start the last or a preset routine.


Squeeze a little bit more exercise into your day

Look at the aspirational photograph below. Are you ready to transform your life? Bench press multiples of your body weight? Get the girl/guy? Appear on magazine covers?

Well this is probably the wrong App. This is about doing a few more simple, no-equipment exercises when you have a few spare moments. Hopefully improving your fitness and health a little bit.

Habit Starter

A focused habit-streak App

Habit Starter is about starting new habits to get things done and improve your life.

Each day you report on whether you succeeded yesterday, building up streaks of the habit and ingraining the activity into your life.

"After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain" (Jerry Seinfeld)

To get started just open you habit list and tap Add. Now add your habit, for example 'Exercise'. Set a low, achievable goal giving details in the description.

Now every day simply report on whether you achieved this (and how easily). Every day you do it adds one to your streak. But if you miss a single day it is reset.

You can enable a reminder on your iPhone via the main setting menu to ensure you report regularly. This serves as both a reminder to do the habit and as a prompt to report daily.

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Five a Day

A focused habit-streak App

Take five major areas (which you can customise via Settings) and each day report on whether you achieved something in each area.

Then as you record your progress you will be able to see at a glance how well your days, weeks, months and years are going.

Habit Streak

Coming Soon

The popular Android App reimagined in 2017 on both Android and iOS. Start habits to achieve your goals using this effective tool.


A meditation timer and scheduler

Rhythm is the meditation timer and scheduler I couldn't find.

It is simple: quickly select a duration (perhaps with some bells to recall your attention) and hit start. You can also set reminders (along with default configurations) to help establish a meditation practice.

You can see completed meditation sessions in your Log. And that is it (mostly). I hope you find it useful.

On iPhone and iPad

Data Driven Diet

Use data to achieve your health goals

Data Driven Diet is a simple way of using Data to power your diet. First you set up a number of rules, each connected to a weight threshold and each either aimed at an improved diet or healthier lifestyle.

For example you might want to trigger a 'No Pizza' rule when you exceed 80kg or a 'Morning run' rule when you exceed 100lb.

When you gain weight more rules are activated

When you lose weight fewer rules are activated, so you are rewarded.

Consult a medical professional to tailor a set of rules to your health circumstances.

On iPhone and iPad

Schedule the Web

Timed Bookmarks

What if bookmarks had a time as well as a place (url)? What if you took charge of when you visited websites rather than their irritating emails, notifications or your own fear-of-missing-out urges? Why not schedule the web?

Schedule (The Web) allows you to take control of both the place (url) and time (hour/minute/days) of your internet browsing.

You can set up timed bookmarks for news or education sites which allow you to preplan and schedule your internet browsing.

Schedule integrates with Safari allowing you to quickly add web addresses via the sharing mechanism (you have to enable this from the menu, see the in-App guide). Alternatively you can enter them manually.

Pick days and a time to view the site, and you will be alerted by a notification when it is time.

Instead of compulsively looking at that interesting-but-addictive site, schedule it once a day. Keep informed on the latest events by scheduling a news site over your morning coffee. Achieve your learning goals, by scheduling an education site in the evening.


Mindful tracking

This App was inspired by Leo Babauta's The Brief Guide to Mindfulness. In it he describes:

"I learned this when I wanted to quit smoking — often I'd just give in to the urge to smoke, without knowing why. The same was true of changing my old unhealthy eating habits, or starting the running habit, or waking up early. Rationalization and urges get in the way of all habit change, but we often don't even realize it's going on.

What I did with smoking was carry around a little piece of paper and pencil, and make tally marks each time I had the urge to smoke. This taught me an awareness of my normally unseen urges.

Once I had that awareness, I was able to watch the urge rise and fade away, without needing to act on it. I was able to listen to the rationalizations, without believing them, and recognize them for the lies they were. I was lying to myself all the time, but didn't realize it until I started paying attention."

Impluse provides a way of quickly tracking all kinds of desires (or impulses). For each kind of desire (and you might only want to track one, that is fine) choose a colour (from the five at the bottom). If you are recording in the moment just tap save.

But you can also dial in a time from the clock selector (choosing AM or PM appropriately) and then day from the top day selector for a time in the last week to record previous instances of an impulse.

Tap on Log to view your log with charts and a list of recordings. The average for hours or days is the lighter bar in the background.

Tap on edit to explicitly name your Impulse and to customise the on record message. You can also remove all recordings for this colour (if for example you want to change to tracking something else or are making a fresh start). If it something embarrassing you don't have to name it (just use the colour).


I have collected together a bunch of my ideas of and about Practices in my Practices Notebook. These are simple, sustainable activities which you may find helpful.