Welcome to Practices, a collection of straightforward, sustainable methods of improving your life.

The accounts here will advocate a particular perspective, some aspects of which aren’t so usual; it includes the following:

Simple and Accessible

To be sustainable it helps if they are simple and accessible.

Digital First

We live in the 21st century. Glamourising the past is usually (if only mildly) delusional. We have pervasive technology, use it. Computers allow us to communicate across space and time, to create art while sitting on a train and to remind us to do things we might otherwise forget.


I prefer those practices for which there is empirical evidence of efficacy; rather than philosophical justifications.


Practices are often tied to particular religions or cultures. Don’t let that stop you trying them out. Skepticism about the self-understanding of practitioners doesn’t entail the lack of worth of their practices, which may include elements missing from your culture.