Practices Notebook

This Practices Notebook contains a collections of Practices (simple, purposeful activities) which can enhance your life.

There are also a number of key ideas which you may find useful in formulating your own Practices.

Some planned content has not yet been added (and what is here may be a little rough). However, I believe there are already many useful guides and tips.

James Porter

Chapter 1

1. Introduction

An introduction to the Practices Project

2. Easy Meditation

A really simple meditation, that anyone can do in just a few minutes.

3. Journalling

Daily written reflection or account

Chapter 2

4. Heuristics

Developing simple processes to achieve goals.

5. Photography

Taking photographs to focus on your world.

6. Minimum Sufficient Exercise

Exercise effectively.

7. Habit Streak

A really simple way to achieve goals (and establish regular practices).

Chapter 3

8. Easy Minimum

Easy targets, easily exceeded

9. Silent Reflection

Take some time out to think.

10. Learning Practices

Learn, continually.

11. Meditation

Approaches to meditation.

Chapter 4

12. Secular

Religion, spirituality and practices.

13. (Tea) Ceremony

Make, for example your caffeine hit, a shared, spiritual experience.

14. Daily (Yoga)

Creating a simple, sustainable daily (physical) practice

Chapter 5

15. Flow

The right level of challenge

16. Mindful Eating

A simple way of being mindful in an everyday activity

17. Sketching

Looking and creating.

Chapter 6

18. Fasting

Taking purposeful breaks.

19. Less Than Three

A simple way to keep good, but bad-in-excess stuff under control.

20. 5-2, 2-5

An effective way of varying your exposure to things.

21. Digital Fasting

A Sabbath for the 21st Century.

Chapter 7

22. Developing Your Own Practices

A few thoughts on developing your own practices.