Meditation is often thought of as an esoteric, tedious and perhaps difficult activity. While it can be all of these things, it can also be extremely simple.

A Simple Meditation Practice

Set a timer for two minutes (a purpose made smartphone App is ideal for this, but a standard countdown timer will do).

Sit down, ideally somewhere quiet.

Focus on your breathing.

Pick a point to soft focus on or close your eyes.

When you get distracted return your focus to your breathing.

That is it. (Really.) Just find a few minutes each day and you can establish a regular meditation practice. While the scientific studies suggesting concrete health benefits of meditation have studied longer durations this is simple way to get started which doesn’t require much time or effort.

A key aspect of meditation is observing your own patterns of thought, and even this simple practice allows you to do that, as you observe yourself getting distracted and returning to your breathing.

Once you are comfortable with this you can try increasing the length of time.